5 Things I’ve Learned In 2021

2021 has been an interesting year… in the wider scheme of things it has been an extension of 2020, uncertainty and fear in abundance. I’m sure many will be glad to see the back of it, however, I can’t help but wonder if we don’t really reflect on what’s happening individually and as a collective, then what can be different in 2022?

As per usual I like to do a reflection of my year. So much wonderful things have happened for me and yet it has also been tinged with loss, nothing is ever all one thing. The birth of Noah completed our family in April. Whereas, December saw my Granddad depart from this world. Two extreme sides of the coin, both co-exist at all times – joy + pain.

And there has been so much and more in between.

2021 hasn’t been without its lessons. Here are five things I’ve learned:

Choice is freedom – I firmly believe in our right to choose. Freedom isn’t in what we’re told to do or necessarily in the actions we take. Before all that, we have a choice and that is surely where freedom lies. You might not fully understand the power of your mind and perhaps you don’t have to, just recognise that there is no other thing on this planet that can contemplate choice. It’s our superpower – choose to think thoughts that are life affirming, choose feelings and actions that give to you rather than take from you, it’s that simple.

Clarity is key – the more clear I get, the more I take actions that are out of love for me, my process, the work I do and where I want to go. You can know something, however it can take a while to really understand it and I get it now. When you seek someone or something to make things happen for you, you’re acting out of a place of fear, out of your power – that was me up until mid-2021. Once I got really clear in my own mind on what I wanted, things started to change and I know that is going to prove dividends in 2022.

“Stay in your lane” – it’s okay to go slow or to go different from everyone else, it takes courage but if you don’t want what everyone else has got, then you have to be prepared to go it different, and that may mean going it alone and going slow. We can be so busy looking at where everyone else is, and giving lots of attention to our perception of how great “they” are – but that does nothing but take from you. The world is always going to be vying for your attention, what matters is your lane – live life like a marathon not a sprint! And… mind your own business!

Space is freeing – learning to let go of doing all of the things is necessary for your peace of mind and to create emotional and mental space. We often want to cling to control and that means we’re resisting what is. In my mind I wanted to work, raise the kids, earn really well, have a nice home, all of the things; and what I really wanted was to be able to work around my family. My thoughts on how it “should” look, kept me from letting go of the idea in my head of wearing all the hats, it wasn’t necessary, that was survival. Letting go of the “should’s” makes space for more of what you actually want.

Being still IS the work – an essential part of my work. In the still moments is when you really tune in to who you are. My most profound thoughts, affirmations and posts have come from this practice. When you do, you tune in to the universal truths of life and you silence the anxieties of the ego. Quietness and trust enhance your awareness of the eternal presence within. You’re more than what you think you are, your job is to be still so you can recognise it.

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