Be your cheerleader not your critic!

It is so easy to be your own worst critic… it comes so naturally, almost as easy as breathing

You know what doesn’t come easy?

Being your own best cheerleader… that does not come easy!

Everything you have gone through, are going through, will ever go through will always be under scrutiny from those onlookers in our lives, but they don’t really matter when you are able to lead yourself and cheer yourself on. The onlookers’ opinions only ring loudly when the voice inside agrees, and doubts and worries, and says, “see there is the evidence for how wrong I am – they know it too”.

Your inner cheerleader isn’t judge, jury or executioner… she is just the inner support system that silently pushes you on, saying it’s going to be alright.

She’s that inner knowing that everything you are doing is right, leading you to where you want to be, you just have to keep on going.

She doesn’t argue with the critic… she doesn’t have to

She is eternal, she is your quiet determination, she is like deep running water, she flows with you never against you

The critic is fearful and talks loudly, eagerly fighting for your attention, the scared child in you in constant need. It isn’t right. It isn’t even based on fact. The critic is the alarm system that never got shut off.

Your job is to learn to turn down the dial on the critic and to turn up the volume on the cheerleader.

They both reside within you and you have the power to choose.

The critic isn’t going nowhere, it has its place but it’s time to stop it running the show.

If you can’t do it on your own, then surround yourself with people that will remind and encourage you to cheer yourself on. Those friends that want you to shine, that can see your light, even when you can’t… those friends are invaluable.

We’re not all lucky to have that, that’s why finding and giving it to yourself is so necessary… in all your moments, good and bad… cheer yourself to get up, to keep going, to hold your faith, to see it through.

Lead yourself to feeling good about you, your life, your chances, your dreams… because to not is to believe the critic that perhaps it’s not possible

Understand this: the quality of your thoughts = the quality of your life

Critic or Cheerleader?

You decide.

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