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Infertility sucks right!

It’s not something you could ever have imagined going through and yet here you are. It’s unfair. It’s draining. It’s hopeless. Right? Wrong!

You can shift from:

Anxious to Calm                Worried to Confident

Infertility and misery do not have to go hand in hand. You do not need to suffer through this infertility journey until you get your BFP. So let’s make some shifts…

My name is Kezia Ashley Okafor

I am a mother and secondary infertility warrior, a fertility mindset coach and infertility counsellor and author of Flipping the Script on Infertility.

I help women like you struggling with infertility to manage the emotional distress, so that you feel confident to navigate this journey on your own terms.

My true purpose and gifts lie in providing support that actually helps, to give you the tools that will see you through infertility, motherhood and life.

What makes me really special is: I’ve been where you are.

I too was consumed by the emotional turmoil, the pressure, the fear, the worry of unexplained infertility.

I too was consumed by finding the “fix” and tried every conceivable hack, tip, method and treatment that were within my grasp.

I too was consumed by overwhelming loneliness and isolation, feeling like no one understood and the lack of ‘good’ emotional support.

That’s why I retrained as a therapist. That’s why I practice mindset work every day.

I will help you shift the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, the negative mindset and negative patterns that are keeping you stuck in turmoil and fear on your journey to motherhood and beyond.

My mission is to work with and support 1 million women through infertility, so that they never feel the sting of isolation again, so that they feel equipped and empowered to walk their journey in calm confidence.

It’s big and it’s bold and it’s necessary.

The journey to motherhood can be a hard one. Motherhood itself can be hard. But who we are to our future children, determines the lives of those future generations and that is impact that has magnitude. It starts with you. You matter.

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