Flipping the Script on Infertility Book

Flipping the Script on Infertility is a self-therapy immersion for women coming to whole and peaceful terms with their infertility or their challenging journey to motherhood. 

Dive deep with Kezia Okafor, mother and infertility warrior, counsellor and coach, as she takes you on a journey of understanding into what it means to be a mother and how this is key when we are striving to become mothers again or for the first time. Guiding us to become responsible and accountable for our own lives, as well as for the lives of any children we may bear.

With insights into the mental health implications of infertility and its treatment, Flipping the Script explains why it’s important that we do not ignore our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health on this journey. Within these pages you will be inspired to leave behind envy, jealousy, guilt and shame with eight key Fertility Mindset Principles.

Follow Kezia’s journey through secondary infertility, through the mental health impact of the experience and discover what she found to help her overcome the emotional distress and mental anguish. You are invited to journal along, offering you deep insight into your own experience and emotional life.

Order your copy now and start the work that will see you turn to the next chapter in your life feeling empowered, encouraged and equipped.

No matter what the outcome of your fertility challenges, a fulfilling life is yours for the taking

praise for flipping the script on infertility

Kezia has achieved in Flipping the Script, what many people spend their life still trying to make sense of.  It’s beautifully written and extremely thought provoking

Debbie Smith, Trauma Consultant & Counsellor

Kezia’s book is a must have for anyone on a fertility journey. Not only is the knowledge in this book extremely valuable but it also helps us dig deeper into the emotional level. If you truly want to get to the core this book is what you need. I highly recommend this book and will be sharing it with my clients as well

Melanie Legend, BHScFounder of The Fertility Vault 

In ‘flipping the script on infertility’ Kezia not only explores the depths of emotion that you are almost guaranteed to experience on your fertility journey, but gives you the insights and perspective that will help you to stay sane throughout the process. 
This is more than just a book, it’s like a wise friend, there to support you, precisely when you need it the most

Jessica Bourke, Fertility Specialist, BcL, Dip Ac. C.Clinical Med. C.Shanghai, Dip.NT, mBANT, mTCMCI

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