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why choose counselling?

Going through infertility is hard. Going through it without the emotional support that is needed is harder.

I understand how difficult it is to be on this roller coaster that you can’t get off of. I understand how you feel to blame for what you are going through. And I understand how alone you can feel, and how emotionally void the fertility process can be altogether.

Counselling supports you to work through the emotional anguish and distress you may be feeling. There will be moments for talking, crying, even laughing, and moments when “s@*t” seems like the only word to perfectly sum up how you feel – and that’s all okay, anything goes and is very much welcome when we work together. My role is to help you to help yourself, care for you and help you care for yourself, while being your biggest cheerleader and support system.

I’ve been where you have been… there is nothing that you haven’t felt, thought or said that I haven’t… I get it!


£75 per session

minimum of 6 sessions to be booked for new clients

to be paid in advance of session

£450 – Block booking of 6 sessions

£850 – Block booking of 12 sessions

can be paid in full or instalments

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“That which we do not get over, we get through”

Flipping the Script on Infertility

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